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We provide acquisition, fulfilment, installations and support services for Communications Service Providers (CSP’s)


  • Antenna Installations & Upgrades
  • FTTH/FTTS Installations
  • New Site Builds (Greenfield)
  • New Site Build 3rd Party
  • Microwave Works
  • Battery Swaps
  • Tower Upgrades
  • Maintenance & Managed Services
  • Energy Portfolio
  • Surge & Lightning Protection
Izwe - What we do




Airtime and Data

  • Pinned Airtime and Data or single sales or bulk printing
  • Pinless Airtime and data
  • Change Back solutions for Airtime

Prepaid Electricity

  • All Major Municipalities listed

Bill Payments

  • Over 300 Bill Payments from Rates and Taxes to TV Licence and debt services


  • National Lottery to play lotto and Powerball with quick pick or select your numbers


  • Top up your DSTV account or your Box Office account

Car Licence Renewals

  • Renew your car lience by giving us your car Registration and delivery and we give you a quote real time and delivery in 7-10 working days


Hosted Services

  • Your can rent the IZWE switch for your own products on a monthly or per click fee
  • We can brand your switch and our products to look like your own
  • We have an integration API to link third party front end solutions

Specialized services

  • Bulk Topping up of airtime or data in batch jobs which can be scheduled and recurring
  • Bulk registration’s of car Licence renewals
  • Bulk SMS sending with personalized messages

Hardware solutions

  • Android Mobile POS Devices
  • MPOS Banking devices
  • Thermal Bluetooth Mobile Device Printers

Custom Solution Design

  • ZWE can tailor make solutions for customers to the requirements on the below platforms:
    • USSD
    • Portals
    • App for android and IOS


  • Agent Management
  • Agent commission managements into commission wallets
  • Agents have a separate trading wallet for selling of VAS
  • Commissions can be used to sell airtime or other value added services
  • Sim kit management for allocation and distribution with audit trails
  • System works off USSD and on our Android application
  • The system can be linked to pay to any banking provider
  • Central Online Portal for Admin, Dealers and Agents
  • Detailed Reporting
  • The system can be branded
  • The system can be rented where you bring your own network deals


Customer USSD Menu’s

  • IZWE can build USSD menu’s tailored to any customer needs and link to an third party systems

Specialized Data Campaigns

  • IZWE can arrange for special data bundle rewards with fixed expiry limits with the networks e.g. to incentivize behavior or to launch new products.

USSD Competitions and Surveys Platform

  • Platform can use coupons, which the customer distributes via a scratch card or electronic distribution
  • Platform can distribute vouchers for discounts, rand value or Gifts and Airtime
  • Platform can ask a maximum of 8 questions per competition or survey
  • Platform can run within days to minute level e.g. from 5pm to 6pm for happy hour every Tuesday.
  • Platform can do single or multiple submissions


  • Antenna Installations & Upgrades
  • FTTH/FTTS Installations
  • New Site Builds (Greenfield)
  • New Site Build 3rd Party
  • Microwave Works
  • Battery Swaps
  • Tower Upgrades
  • Maintenance & Managed Services
  • Energy Portfolio
  • Surge & Lightning Protection


We provide as range of power solutions on CAPEX and OPEX Models

Power Generation, Back Up & Storage

Battery Backup Solution with Anti-Theft

Lithium Batteries

Saltwater Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

Solar Energy Solution

Solar Energy Systems using;:

⁻Saltwater Batteries

⁻Lithium Batteries

⁻Generator Gas/Diesel


Gas Generators

Diesel Static/Mobile Generators

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Mobile/Static

Hybrid/Off Grid Solution

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

DC/AC Generator



Power As a Service

  • Technology agnostic with focus on Clean Energy to reduce Carbon Footprint.
  • Provide site appropriate solutions
  • Customise power requirements according to site load and equipment
  • Advise the Operators of active load management
  • OPEX model – monthly fee model
  • High network availability

Supporting Services

  • Proactive Management (NOC) of Power Systems
  • SLA’s
  • Management System


Theft and Vandalism is Challenging Telcos impacting Network Availability

Smart Secure has been designed to address the problem of the theft of the Lithium and Lead Batteries which has a major impact on operator’s costs. It is completely undetectable and is integrated into the battery. It is effortlessly fitted into any brand of lithium or lead acid battery.

Smart Secure

The key features are:

  • Tamperproof and Undetectable
  • User Rights and Permissions and Reporting
  • Show Early Warning / Tamper Alarm
  • Health Check
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Deactivation and Reactivation of the battery
  • Track & Trace the battery
  • Identification

Keyless Access Control via Bluetooth APP

“Bluelock” Keyless Access is a unique secure access solution that is managed via a mobile application or web management platform. Access is authorized by issuing a secure access token to the mobile device of authorized personnel. The mobile application is both IOS and Android compatible. The “Bluelock” Keyless Access Solution can be configured to drive various electronic locking mechanisms.

Mechanisms already integrated with the Keyless Access Solution:

  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Solenoids
  • Worm screw actuators

Monitoring of Sites : Battery cycling and generator

Key Benefits

  • Reduced site visits and maintenance costs
  • Fuel management
  • Fault analysis
  • Asset tracking & geofencing
  • Automatic system alerts & reports
  • Maximises system up-time
  • Customisable graphical user interface
  • Monitoring battery cycles with audit against warranty offerings


Case Study: Telecommunication Sites

GREENROCK is the first plug & play saltwater energy all in storage system.

  • Focus on safety and environment
  • Market applications including telecom backup power systems, off-grid power solutions
  • Scalable from 2kWh to multiple hundreds kWh

Back-Up Application

  • Adding batteries to grid-tied telecom tower for energy arbitrage, power management & backup
  • 45,6 kWh grid-tied system enables layering of multiple storage applications

Off Grid Application & Back-Up

  • 32kHw for energy arbitrage, solar buffering & potential backup
  • 13.6 kWh reserved for backup

Telecom Applications

Fixed & Wireless Telecommunications

Not only has Raycap successfully supported the most demanding mobile network rollouts in the largest networks in North America and in Europe, but most connectivity solutions are highly customized to each customer’s specific requirements.

Similarly, Raycap provides the crucial elements in the ADSL copper and fiberoptic networks required by broadband generalization (FTTx networks).

Professional and Emergency Networks & Data Centers

Raycap’s connectivity and electrical protection solutions are ideally suited for high reliability and mission-critical networks such as emergency/professional communications network like TETRA and GSM-R, or data center.



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