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The Green Generation offers a wide variety of alternative energy solutions for various applications and industries to reduce this threat to our environment. At no time in history has effective energy utilization played a more crucial role in the development and well being of the human race than at present. The source and nature of energy, the security of supply and the equity of distribution, the environmental impact of its supply and utilization, are all crucial matters to be addressed by suppliers, consumers, governments, industry, academia, and financial institutions.

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What is wind power?

Wind power captures the natural wind in our atmosphere and converts it into mechanical energy then electricity. People started using wind power centuries ago with windmills, which pumped water, ground grain, and did other work. Today’s wind turbine is a highly evolved version of a windmill. Modern wind turbines harness wind’s kinetic energy and convert it into electricity. Most wind turbines have three blades and sit atop a steel tubular tower, and they range in size from 80-foot-tall turbines that can power a single home to utility-scale turbines that are over 260 feet tall and power hundreds of homes.

Celcom Group - What we do

How wind energy works.

When wind blows past a turbine, the blades capture the energy and rotate. This rotation triggers an internal shaft to spin, which is connected to a gearbox increasing the speed of rotation, which is connect to a generator that ultimately produces electricity. Most commonly, wind turbines consist of a steel tubular tower, up to 325 feet, which supports both a “hub” securing wind turbine blades and the “nacelle” which houses the turbine’s shaft, gearbox, generator and controls. A wind turbine is equipped with wind assessment equipment and will automatically rotate into the face of the wind, and angle or “pitch” its blades to optimize energy capture.

Benefits of wind energy.

Wind energy is a clean, renewable form of energy that uses virtually no water and pumps billions of dollars into our economy every year. Since 2008, the U.S. wind industry has generated more than $100 billion in private investment. Furthermore, wind energy is a drought-resistant cash crop in many parts of the country, providing economic investment to rural communities through lease payments to landowners. Wind energy helps avoid a variety of environmental impacts due to its low impact emitting zero greenhouse gas emissions or conventional pollutants and consuming virtually no water.

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The Next Generation Surge Protection Technology

Rayvoss transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) systems have been designed and manufactured to provide the ultimate in protection for telecommunication, IT, automatic control infrastructure and sensitive electronic equipment in general. Strikesorb® the high surge capacity protection element found inside Rayvoss® systems, repetitively absorbs and dissipates the excess energy of lightning strikes and power surges, without performance deterioration or signs of aging. Contrary to the conventional protection devices using parallel varistors or silicon diodes, Rayvoss® and Strikesorb® can sustain multiple successive lightning hits. Rayvoss® and Strikesorb® offer this while providing complete and uninterrupted protection without requiring maintenance – even under harsh environmental or poor power quality conditions. Rayvoss®and Strikesorb®have been successfully installed in thousands of sites worldwide, protecting telecommunication, defense, industrial and governmental infrastructure from the hazardous effects of surges.

Strikesorb Models

Strikesorb is the protection module used in Rayvoss TVSS systems. It is offered in two types according to its surge current capacity:

  • Strikesorb 80, rated at 200kA
  • Strikesorb 40, rated at 140k

The Strikesorb 80 is used in locations that are exposed to high intensity surges or in locations with critical equipment. The Strikesorb 40 is ideal for the protection of equipment in urban and rural locations inside street cabinets or integrated solutions.

Special Models

Special models and customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements are available. Surge protection modules have been successfully integrated inside power panels, variable speed drives, telecom street cabinets etc.

The Green Protection


Our vision is to bring you an alternative clean and reliable energy source, which inspires confidence and is highly profitable. Solar Power is available everywhere in quantities that vary only modestly.

Through innovative products, we will soon offer you a host of solutions in this dynamic market which focus on this inexhaustible source of clean and reliable energy.




An inverter converts power from (DC) battery to a conventional alternating current (AC), which can then run a series of household products such as microwave ovens, power tools, televisions, radios, computers. Especially useful for camping or long trips.


Energy Saving Devices

LED lighting or Light Emitting Diodes are solid state lights that offer low energy lighting. This technology has many advantages over the lighting you are most likely utilising in your home or business currently, due to the following:

  • It is mercury free
  • It does not flicke
  • It offers a full spectrum light which is the closest you can get to natural light

However, the main advantage is that to your pocket! LED’s use a fraction of the power of conventional lighting; yet still offer a superior quality of light. You use 70% less power with a complete swap out and therefore can save 70% on the cost of lighting in your home or business.

The Green Generation has a entire range of LED globes at cost effective pricing.